Give Gifts of Thoughtful Luxury

Genuine acts of gift-giving go beyond the material. We give gifts with warm intentions behind them as a way to show our appreciation for the people closest to us, using them as a means to communicate what words can’t.

Shopping with F&C Jewelry this holiday season helps you accomplish this and more.

Close to the heart

Pendants have historically been one of the most sentimental pieces of jewelry. Their position — hanging from a chain, bringing them closer to one’s heart — is symbolic of a meaningful message that a giver wishes to send its recipient. Choose from these designs that bring to mind different emotions and stories — like a dreamcatcher that evokes artistry and free spiritedness, a ballerina that’s both feminine and strong, or a bicycle that’s reminiscent of childhood.

Beauty in subtlety

Beautiful jewelry doesn’t need to shout its presence. It can be subdued yet still alluring, just like how a relationship with someone special in your life can be calm and cool, yet enduring. A pair of earrings fit this description to a tee. Small and simple as they may be, they elevate any look, be it a daily OOTD or a fancy night out.

Lifelong commitment

No other accessory speaks of devotion and commitment like a ring does. Though often associated with exchanging “I dos” at a wedding, it’s certainly possible to pledge this kind of lifelong commitment of love and care to a mother and grandmother, a sister, a best friend, or any important woman in one’s life. Our designs that range from tri-colored metal and textured gold, to lightning and heart-accented pieces easily appeal to different kinds of personalities.

A heartfelt reminder

Bracelets are always visible to both their wearer and the world around them. Because of this, they’re a solid reminder of everything you want someone to never forget — perhaps you have a message of hope for them, comforting words of encouragement, or a reminder of unconditional love. Take your pick from any of these bracelets that will hug any wrist beautifully.

Stand the test of time

Pearls, with their timeless charm, are a staple in any woman’s jewelry collection. Fitting for women of every kind of age and style sensibility, they’re an easy statement to make about a person’s unfading importance to you. Our take on the classic accessory comes in several makes, from straightforward and cleancut to more sophisticated and intricate.

A cut above the rest

Diamonds are undisputedly the most stunning gem of all, and jewelry that features diamonds are reserved for those you cherish the most. Watch your gift recipient’s eyes — and hearts — light up when they open this gift as they realize that your love for them is unlike any other. Best of all, these pieces take a fresh, youthful spin on the often formal diamond, making them delightful additions to any jewelry collection.

Faith first and foremost

Everybody experiences Christmas differently. For some, it’s all about time with loved ones or a chance to engage in self-care, and yet for others, the season is an opportunity to reconnect with God. Give the spiritually devoted a way to celebrate their faith openly and proudly this Christmas and beyond with elegant religious items worthy of a king.

With collections featuring items that can thoughtfully honor your most valued relationships, F&C gives new meaning to giving love on Christmas.