For over four decades, F&C Jewelry, the home-grown luxury brand of exquisite handcrafted jewels, has produced timeless designs for women who appreciate true luxury.

F&C was first established in Iloilo City in 1973 by the matriarch Susan Caperonce Florete, who, together with her spouse, Marcelino M. Florete, Jr., built the enterprise into what it is today.

With her daughters Marissa Florete-Gorriceta and Marjorie Florete, who both studied at the Gemological Institute of America with diplomas in Diamond Grading and Jewelry Design, they all continue to enrich a wonderful heritage in jewelry making.

Particularly favored for its traditional craftsmanship, F&C Jewelry is still seen today as a dynamic brand, a true style purveyor that understands the tastes and the trends of the times. Immersed in the tradition of excellence since 1973, F&C Jewelry has spawned over 50 outlets – making it the most dominant market distributor of fine jewelry in the Philippines. The fine jewelry retail giant prides itself as an anchor brand of the country’s number one retailer and mall operator, which is the SM Store.

Its successful operations in the field of retail has allowed F&C to expand into other strategic units such as real estate, hotels and resorts, and the food service industry. Today, the aggregation of strategic units are now known as the F&C Group, wherein the primary thrust throughout the organization springs from its commitment to quality merchandise and exceptional service.

F&C Group strives to lead in horizons no other player has threaded. So, in order to lead the pack in innovation and provide the disruption of the status quo, F&C has always successfully combined technology and excellent craftsmanship in order to produce artistically designed jewelry without sacrificing cost concerns.

Finally, the company’s success is not merely reinvested in order to leverage on its economies of scale. It endeavors incorporate citizenship and looks into the other members of its immediate environs. For F&C to consider itself as a successfully operating business, it balances the interests of its partners, suppliers, customers, regulators and even its employees in order for the company to best contribute to the welfare in the environments it operates in. Foremost in its corporate culture is the primacy of concern, reliability, and honesty as the cornerstone of its operations. At F&C, jobs are not merely provided but careers are nurtured so that the best can be brought out of its employees.

For now and for posterity, F&C pledges to live up to its pledge of excellence through synergistic efforts of time, talent, and resources.