Did you know that the ancient Roman goddess of marriage is Juno? This is why many believe that getting married in June is auspicious. Certainly, June does bring a spirit of hope and new beginnings. And nothing brings a bigger change than saying “I do.” Whether you’re a June bride or not, we can all agree that brides want their wedding day to be perfect. With F&C Jewelry, those wedding bells shall certainly be incandescent with diamonds, pearls, and luminescent gold.

Forever and Always

Say “I do” with these wedding rings to celebrate a lifetime of love. Go classic with a diamond wedding ring in 14K yellow gold, or seal your vows with more personalized tones.

Remembering a Moment

Immortalize this day with these classic solitaire and tension engagement rings in white gold and yellow gold. They are perfect to mark the happy day when your significant other asked you if he could have the honor of being your husband.

Regal in Pearls

Adorned with these timeless pieces, radiate a regal air when you walk down that aisle with these south sea pearl chokers. Resplendent in white, these pearls are a definite must for a glamorous modern-day princess.

Declare it with Diamonds

Some wear their hearts on their sleeves, but why not wear them as jewelry? Declare your undying love while wearing this diamond heart ring and earrings in 14K white gold. For warmer and brighter tones, the diamond rositas set in 14K yellow gold is the one for you. Whatever the choice, you are sure to wear your love for all the world to see.

Beauty in the Details

Commit to your partner in these pearls with diamond sets. Feel extraordinarily breathtaking as you tie the knot with white pearls and elegant diamonds, which promise you that the best is yet to come.