The season of gifting has arrived, giving us the perfect reason to show the special people in our lives just how much they mean to us.

Keeping in mind that the best gifts are those that are thoughtful, personal, and inspired, choose from these stunning F&C collections that feature jewelry pieces for every kind of wearer. Varying from delicate to intricate, each piece was designed to last — just as the love that comes with every Christmas gift you give this year persists. Remind friends and family of their enduring place in your heart with something truly special that they can, and will, keep close to them this Christmas and beyond.

Queenly in gold

The modern woman who draws strength from within deserves nothing less than accessories that tell the world just how much power she holds. Items from this collection of 18-karat gold earrings, rings, and necklaces lend their wearer an air of royalty. With regal combinations of yellow and white gold that stand alone or are paired beautifully with diamonds, these pieces make ideal gifts for the queens in your life.

Absolutely charmed

The ubiquitous 18-karat yellow gold bracelet gets a playful makeover, perfect for those with a taste for childlike charm. Featuring heart and star charms done in a lighthearted metallic palette, this set of charm bracelets is a perky Christmas gift and addition to any jewelry collection. Worn solo, stacked, or in pairs, they’re bound to pique onlookers’ curiosity and bring joy to their wearers.

Made to last

There are only a few things a fashionable bride can depend on to make her looks as a married woman the best they can be — some of them are gold accents, diamonds, or, better yet, both! Like the commitment she made, this collection of 18-karat yellow gold rings featuring smooth and textured wedding bands as well as diamond engagement rings were designed to last a lifetime. Elegant in their simplicity, these rings adorn, rather than outshine, the relationship they symbolize.

Ocean’s bounty

Jewelers agree that South Sea pearls are the most valuable on the market, with carefully crafted cultured alternatives coming in at a close second. It goes without saying that the woman who wears pieces inlaid with such gifts from the sea is a fine catch herself, especially if she chooses to elevate her style with any of these rings and earrings. Coming in a variety of designs that bring out the femininity of the intersection of pearls and white gold, these accessories are must-haves for the jewelry fan anticipating Christmas gifts with something pretty inside.

Faithful and devoted

Faith itself might be invisible, but those who choose to honor it in tangible ways deserve beautiful options to choose from this Christmas season. Available to them are a variety of yellow gold pendants and charmed necklaces to suit their tastes yet send the same message: that they keep their prayers close to their hearts and stay devoted to it no matter what. In this day and age, spirituality can certainly be stylish, too.