Your Heart’s Guide to Valentine’s:

Gifts That Celebrate Love And Show It

Love comes in many shapes and forms. This Valentine’s Day, F&C brings you pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings that best capture how you feel about the one you love.

Heart on your chest

A pendant that rests gently on the chest is a classic display of commitment, with designs symbolizing all kinds of love stories. Thoughtful gifters are bound to find theirs represented in this Valentine’s Day series. See how a locket speaks of a love kept close, an arrow a promise of loyalty, and trees a vow of lifelong growth and togetherness. Each piece - crafted from yellow gold, white gold and precious gems - is made to last, so recipients are assured of longevity in more ways than one.

Two’s better than one

Everyone looking to tell someone how much someone means to them can consider the unique gift of a pair of gold earrings. A step outside of conventional Valentine’s Day gifts, earrings are a lovely choice for different kinds of relationships, be they between a mother and daughter, long-time friends, or those in love. When it comes to love, it’s always better shared, so let a pair of your choosing be a reminder that you’re better together.

Linked for life

Bracelets signify a special connection with someone, and when given with love, they make one’s commitment so much more tangible and real. Made by joining links and charms to create something strong and also beautiful, gifting a significant other with a bracelet is one way to solidify any relationship. This collection features designs from the dainty and playful, to vintage and elegant, offering something for every kind of wearer.

Made for just one

A ring on a finger says “I love you” without words. The ultimate gift that stays with a recipient for life, it’s a way to remind the one you care for the most that you'll always be with them. Choose from a variety of minimalist and feminine looks to make someone smile this Valentine’s Day and all the days after that.